Pazar , Temmuz 3 2022

Red Crucible

Communism and capitalism, the two largest opposing pillars in the world, never intend to leave each other in peace for long. The melt-down of Soviet Union only secures a fleeting truce. Now as the East hits momentous development and the West wanes in influence, a modern day world war has become the closes thing we have to absolute certainty.

Some has clearly got too itchy to still keep their powder dry. Upon the hot spots where the two forces draw their borderlines, radicals have already fired the first gunshot. It is a totally different age now, so don’t still picture the communist soldiers marching along all shabbily-equipped with axes and scythes. Rising economic and technology power have placed them on par with, or even superior than their western enemies as far as weaponries are concerned. This time, they simply get all flabbergasted by showing up on the battlefield in their “Red Crucible”, a state-of-the-art heavy-armored tank which, in their words, will ‘have the cocky westerners blasted out!”

Red Crucible is a revolutionary new 3D social game on Facebook with tank shooting combat, and full screen mode.

But the NATO-led troops are also no chickens. War, no matter local or global, air-borne or marine-based, has always been their thing. Battle-seasoned soldiers from USFA to Navy SEAL fear no heavy arsenal, even if the awesome ‘Red Crucible’ and may cripple armies even if the latter is triple in size. Well-trained intelligence bodies from CIA to FBI outsmart any brain tanks and may already know all the rope about the ‘Red Crucible’ before it has any chance to do serious damage. Most of all, massively destructive ammunition from ballistic missile to Seawolf attack submarine tower over all offensive artillery system and may well dwarf ‘Red Crucible’ during real-time confrontations.

A nip-and-tuck combat like this makes a full-flung global war most inevitable but also unpredictable. The two giants all have their buddies rallying behind, and It is almost for sure that as the battle goes up in scale, more and more countries will be sucked in and eventually the whole world will be torched by flames and crammed with the sounds of gun fire. However, will the ‘Red Crucible’ sweeps the Yank-headed armies off in the way communists put it and thus win out in the worldwide reshuffling battle or vice versa? That is a story with an open ending yet to be written by YOU!


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