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We checked for new codes on January 9, 2023, and can confirm that all working and expired codes are current. In addition, ColorGaming! announced a break from game updates on November 26, 2023, via its official Discord server. This break will allow the game studio to rebrand and restructure its team. We will update you when this hiatus ends.



You know the saying, “Never skip leg day?” Strong Leg Simulator, a quad-fueled idle game by “PurpleGaming!” takes this motto a leg press further! In Strong Leg Simulator, you’ll travel to forests, Viking lands, Samurai villages, and more while training your gams to become total hams. Your floating pets will add to your leggy splendor and help you along the way.


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Like any fitness regimen, you can’t cut corners in Strong Leg Simulator (Okay, you can, but it costs Robux). Fortunately, we check for new Strong Leg Simulator codes daily to ensure you get the most out of your workouts. You’ll build thighs of steel just in time for #thirsttrapthursday!

Working Strong Leg Simulator Codes




Receive a free Sleepy Koala Pet!


Receive a free Pixel Egg!


Receive a free Meme Egg!


Receive a free Disco Egg!


Receive a free Meme Egg!


Receive 3 Disco Eggs!


Receive a free Pet Polar Bear! – Grants 6X Power from Training (Only available to first 300 redemptions)


Receive 9,000 Wins!


Receive 5,000 Wins!


Receive 3,000 Wins!


Receive 3,000 Wins!


Receive 1,000 Wins!


Receive a free Pet North Ram – Grants 7X Power from Training


Receive a Disco Egg!

Strong Leg Simulator codes are only redeemable once per account and expire after a short period. In our experience with the game, Strong Leg Simulator codes are not case-sensitive. However, this may change since it is early in the game’s lifespan.

Expired Codes

There are no expired Strong Leg Simulator codes yet! So, take advantage of our July codes before it’s too late!


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How To Redeem Strong Leg Simulator Codes

A step-by-step breakdown of a code redemption in Strong Leg Simulator.

You don’t need your legs to redeem Strong Leg Simulator Codes, just a mouse and keyboard. Follow these directions to unlock code rewards.

  • Click on the ABX button in the left-hand menu of the screen display.
  • A window will open that says, “Use code to get bonuses.” Type the code into the black field underneath this message.
  • After typing in the code, click the “Use” button in the window’s lower-right corner.
  • A small dialog window will appear underneath, notifying you of your new reward.

You may receive a message saying, “This code does not exist.” When this happens, check your spelling and any special characters (!,?,+,$,@, etc.) to ensure your code is correct. If the message still appears, your code may have expired. The dialog window will notify you when you enter a code you have already redeemed.

How To Get More Strong Leg Simulator Codes

The best way to find new Strong Leg Simulator codes is to follow the developer’s social accounts on Roblox and join the “ColorGaming!” discord server. Check these pages regularly:

  • ColorGaming! Discord [You’ll find new codes in the channel’s codes tab]
  • PurpleGaming! by COOKIEBOY [Join this group to enable Auto Train and Auto Farm functionality in-game!]
  • DarkGaming! by COOKIEBOY [PurpleGaming!’s sister site]
  • COOKIEBOY [@thecookieboiyt] – Roblox member profile


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