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Runes of Magic: Frogster Donates to Children in Adversity

Frogster today announced that the company has now 40,000 Euros to children in adversity as part of a joint fund-raising promotion in collaboration with the children’s rights organisation ‘Save the Children Deutschland e.V.’

Under the promotion’s slogan, ‘Moa’s Charity Steed for Save the Children’, players were able to go to the Runes of Magic Item Shop from November 20th through December 28th last year and buy themselves a special in-game mount. For each of the approximately 12,500 ‘Moa’s Charity Steeds’ sold within the promotional period, the Berlin publisher is now donating three Euros to the largest worldwide children’s rights organisation.

Kathrin Wieland, head of Save the Children Deutschland e.V. accepted the 40,000 Euro check from Frogster and commented, “We are extremely grateful for the donation. Save the Children will use the money to take care of children in the poorest countries of the world, helping them with medical care, providing schooling and giving them opportunities for the future.”

Andreas Weidenhaupt, CLO of Frogster Interactive Pictures AG and CEO of Frogster Online Gaming GmbH expressed his pride in the Runes of Magic community: “Our players have surprised me once again. This great result demonstrates that young gamers also can take on social responsibility and stand up for a good cause.”

Save the Children will use the money worldwide wherever it is most needed. The organization campaigns for children all over the world; for them to grow up in good health and to be able to go to school. Save the Children protects children from exploitation and violence. In addition the children’s rights organization helps families in emergency and disaster situations, for example following the earthquake in Haiti.


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