S4 League Hileleri Kick Vote Tool indir


S4 League Hileleri Kick Vote Tool indir


S4 oyununa ait hileleri  vermeye devam ediyoruz asagıdaki vermiş oldugumuz

linkten indirip kullanabilirsiniz.

[Features and Explanations]

– Leave Room: Forces you to leave from room when you try to vote someone else.
– Touchdown: Nothing to explain i guess. Everyone’s cam get bugged when you use it in other modes than TD. o;<
– Set Roommaster: ^
– Votekick: Teh original hook/function for Kick Vote.
– Anti Selfkick Protect: You can see yourself in the Player List.
– Kick All: You are able to vote the rival team.
– Infinite Vote: The Kick Vote window won’t disappear unless you press Enter, Esc on your keyboard and close it by clicking X at the upper right.
– Anti PID: The functions get affected to the other players.

I might add functions like Team Shuffle, Change Team, Card Hack etc. in future.


1- Download and extract it to desktop.
2- Start S4L with a working Xigncode Bypass.
3- Run my tool as admin.
4- Enjoy.


S4 League Hileleri Kick Vote Tool indir


S4 League Hileleri Kick Vote Tool indir

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