S4 League Shooter Trainer By -AsD Team Download


S4 League Shooter Trainer By -AsD Team Download

Status:Working(all bits on “32-64” and OS “7, Vista, XP” )


License No:Thanks to this cheat you can buy weapons at the store without having to make the license.
No Intro : The name says it cmq need not to leave early “Alaplaya, etc. Pensavision …”
No Slag: That would be no censorship, you can write all the dirty words without censorship example, I write a bad word and instead of asterik

No Fog: the word itself says leverage the fog (the fog is usually found when you Snippe with the rail gun or cannonade and press the Right to zommare)
No Laser: You know the opponents-ray laser? where you die if you walk? Well! lasers with this cheat you will see them but if they do not pass you die XD! : Asd:
No Riparation: If you have any energy that is unlimited weapons do not need to repair
No Fog: the fog would choose the color you want
Fake Shop: You can see everything that exists on S4League Italian and Koreano of past events and also the capsules but you can not buy them, only the weapons like the gun you can buy mine.
Wall Viewer: You’ll see through walls
Arcade Mini Clear: When you miss the arcade and will give it as a win XD: asd:

becoming invisible: will be virtully invisibbili XD: asd:

Speed ​​Hack You go Hyper Fast XD: asd:

Skill Channer: The mettalik skill becomes a very funny XD: asd:

InGame Lobby: When you start in the lobby and shot by them XD: asd:

Fast Fire: will shoot 1000 shots with any weapon in 1

unlimited ammo: You will have unlimited ammo but the Sentry Gun and the

SP Skill: Your Skill does not consume SP

1 Blast Hit: I do not know what it is used to let me know >.<

1 Hit Kill: All and all die in 1 shot

God Mode HP You Infiniti


DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:S4 League Shooter Trainer By -AsD Team Download

DOWNLOAD WUPLOAD:S4 League Shooter Trainer By -AsD Team Download

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