Saudi ports record over 9% growth in annual container handling 

RIYADH: Saudi ports experienced a 9 percent increase in annual container handling in 2023, reaching 11,380,302 units, in a sign of the Kingdom’s success in developing its maritime sector.  

This figure surpassed the 2022 total of 10,439,620 containers, as reported by the Saudi News Agency. 

Simultaneously, facilities managed by the Saudi Ports Authority, also known as Mawani, achieved a 12.07 percent annual increase in container handling for 2023, totaling 8,443,746 compared to 7,534,307 in 2022. 

The body’s cruise ship containers also saw an annual uptick of 8.96 percent, reaching 3,237,490 in 2023. 

Exported containers registered a 13.88 percent increase in the ports of the Kingdom, reaching 2,744,332 compared to 2,409,767 in 2022. 

Also, imported containers increased by 10.51 percent to reach 2,737,910 compared to 2,477,555 in 2022. 

Regionally, cruise ship containers recorded a 6.23 percent increase, reaching 5,896,060 in 2023.

This positive growth in container handling reflects the Kingdom’s success in its leading role in developing the maritime sector and logistical services to enhance operational efficiency in Saudi ports. 

It also aligns with the goals of the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services to establish Saudi Arabia as a global logistics hub and a nexus for three continents.

Additionally, the number of cars imported through Mawani’s ports increased by 40.54 percent, reaching 2,483,331 vehicles in 2023, compared to 1,767,016 in 2022.

The number of incoming and outgoing passengers also increased by 41.30 percent, reaching 1,008,856 in 2022. 

Ship movements increased by 7.16 percent, totaling 12,130 ships in 2023 compared to 11,320 in 2022.

In efforts to enhance the food security system and meet local market requirements, the ports under Mawani’s management witnessed the unloading of 8,124,842 head of livestock in 2023, a 110.46 percent increase compared to 2022. 

However, handled tonnages decreased by 5.06 percent to reach 300,542,872 tons compared to 316,570,515 tons the previous year. 

General cargo volumes amounted to 7,624,913 tons, solid bulk cargo reached 49,060,740 tons, and liquid bulk cargo amounted to 152,577,817 tons.

The Saudi Ports Authority set a monthly handling record in May 2023, thanks to an 18.80 percent increase in cargo.

The Islamic Port of Jeddah also registered a new high, with 511,348 containers in October last year. 

The King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam set a new record by handling 211,202 containers in one month in July 2023.

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