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Ali Monfaradi and Talison Costa set for rematch at second Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship

ABU DHABI: The second edition of the Abu Dhabi Extreme Championship will feature a rematch between Bahrain’s Ali Monfaradi and Brazil’s Talison Costa on Jan. 19 at Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Arena.

The bout reignites their rivalry after a closely contested encounter in the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship Master 1 division final last November.

“I may have won our last encounter and am the current world champion in our division, but I am under no false impressions; Talison is a very capable athlete, and this is a very different ruleset,” said Monfaradi.

“Our previous matches were rooted in strategy and tactics. In the ADXC ruleset, we will see a very different match where we will both be taking more risks, and I have tirelessly prepared in my training camp accordingly.”

Known for his aggressive fighting style and submission-seeking approach, Costa expressed confidence in the ADXC rules, which favor his strengths.

“I have had 13 MMA fights and I’m accustomed to pressing opponents against the cage. Performing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the cage presents some differences. Due to my familiarity with it, I believe that in the takedown game, this will provide me with a slight advantage. However, given that it’s a jiu-jitsu fight, anything can happen. I hope to leverage this experience to my advantage.”

Monfaradi, renowned for his strong half-guard game and swift transitions, outlined his plan to leverage these skills against Talison, saying: “When we compete, we usually showcase only 5 to 10 percent of our technique. I wouldn’t say I’m preparing specific techniques; it’s more about refining my arsenal across a spectrum of possible positions.”

Costa emphasized the advantage in the takedown game while acknowledging the unpredictable nature of jiu-jitsu: “Last season, I faced Ali three times, winning twice and losing in the World Pro final. I believe that fighting at ADXC will be a special moment in my career, even more so fighting against a tough opponent who has my respect, which is where I hope we can put on a show for the public in the arena.”

With the ADXC’s three-round, three-minute format, Monfaradi delved into the mental preparation it requires, emphasizing the necessity for athleticism and a distinct training regimen. Proudly representing the Middle East, he expressed his enthusiasm for showcasing his jiu-jitsu skills, aiming to spark positive change through his performance.

“I would like to have a progressive, aggressive, and flexible game. But athleticism is very important as well. There’s also the fact that you are frequently reset at the end of every round. It’s still jiu-jitsu, but it requires a different kind of training camp, that’s for sure,” Monfaradi added.

Both fighters acknowledged the pressure and expectations in this rematch. Monfaradi considers the ADXC a crucial juncture in his career, facing a respected adversary, while Costa, brimming with confidence, perceives this rematch as a significant milestone. He aims not just to win but also to enthrall the audience with his performance.

Monfaradi and Costa are also set to participate in the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Jiu-Jitsu World Tour 2023-2024 Tokyo Masters on Jan. 13, marking the event’s return to Japan after five years. They could possibly face each other in the competition, which is also considered a precursor for the ADXC 2.

Moreover, Mohammed Al-Suwaidi, Omar Al-Suwaidi and Manuel Ribamar, all part of the ADXC 2 fight card, are also slated to take part in the Tokyo event.

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