Seafight Golem Hile Botu v9.4 indir


Seafight Golem Hile Botu v9.4 indir


Golem is the best war tool for SF.

  • Unique Design for invisible players
  • Works in the background
  • Ship list with Hitpoints of all ships near you
  • Exact hitpoints and speed of all ships in sight
  • Auto repair
  • Auto change map
  • DesignId changer
  • Very fast Glitzie collector and Chest collector
  • Fast NPC Killer that circles enemies and does BonusMaps
  • Enemy list: Enter the UIDs of your enemies. They will be shot automatically.
  • Multiaccount manager
    • your ships will follow you around the map
    • attack your enemies
    • defend your ship against enemies
  • Global hotkeys:
    • F2: attack nearest NPC
    • F3: attack nearest player
  • Monster killer


Seafight Golem Hile Botu v9.4 indir

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