Seafight Hileleri Bonus Map Bot v1.4 Yeni Versiyon indir


Seafight Hileleri Bonus Map Bot v1.4 Yeni Versiyon indir

Seafight Oyun Hileleri Güncellendi

Merhaba arkadaslar Seafight oyununa ait kullanabileceginiz bir oyun botudur

– Zoom: 30%
– Viewport: 800*600
– Displaydetails: Normal (fog must be visible!!)
Everything must be outside of the seachart

How are you doing this?

Step 1: Go to Line 111 and delete the actual number (Example: 8123468)
Step 2: Now use this Icon to select a new BMSchriftfarbe. > click me <
Step 3: Now go on the Button “Leave Bonusmap” and select a new color. Please not the same!!! (this button >> click me << )
In Scar there will be shown a new Color in the Debug-Indextab as example this: Color Picked: 15592941 at (974, 162)
The red marked number you have to fill in in line 111.
Now the line should look like: BMschriftfarbe:=15592941;
Please take attention that you don´t miss the semicolon!!

Seafight custom client – Scar Bot edition
Get it here: [Release] Seafight custom client – Scar Bot edition

SCAR Divi 3.22
Get it here: Download Archive

Fiddler (for Custom Client)
Get it here: Fiddler Download Page

Fire/Attack = “F” (Can be changed)
Drive/SetCourse/GoTo = “V” (Can be changed)
ToggleOpponents = “N” (Can be changed)
MedalSlot = “0″ (Can be changed)
HollowSlot = “1″ (Can be changed)
EliteSlot = “2″ (Can be changed)
PowdersSlot = “8″ (Can be changed)
ShieldsSlot = “9″ (Can be changed)

Virüs jotti:Seafight Oyun Hileleri Scar BMBot


DOWNLOAD indir:Seafight Oyun Hileleri Scar BMBot indir

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