Should you pull for Honkai: Star Rail Black Swan Light Cone Banner

The Honkai: Star Rail community is excited for the upcoming 1st phase of the highly anticipated version 2.0 update, which features Black Swan as the highlighted 5-star limited character alongside the Imbibitor Lunae rerun. Black Swan has been a familiar face in the Simulated Universe and is finally becoming a playable character. This Honkai: Star Rail Black Swan Light Cone Banner provides information on the light cone’s effects and introduces the feature of 4-star light cones.

Fans are eagerly anticipating Black Swan, a powerful 5-star Wind-Element Nihility Path Character expected to excel as a team debuff and Damage over Time (DoT) damage dealer. The excitement surrounds her stunning appearance and the intriguing story she brings to the new major update and Penacony Area. Let’s explore the details of the Honkai: Star Rail Black Swan Light Cone Banner to gauge its appeal for potential pulls.

Honkai Star Rail Black Swan tease
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Is “Reforged Remembrance” worth pulling in Honkai Star Rail

Reforged Remembrance is Black Swan’s Signature Light Cone, which offers clear advantages that amplify her effectiveness in battles. It heightens her Effect Hit Rate, ensuring consistent application of debuffs and arcana, which complements Black Swan’s role as a debuffer. Additionally, it delivers a substantial boost to Damage over Time (DoT) damage, while bypassing enemy defense, thereby significantly increasing damage output.

This Light Cone enhances Black Swan’s performance by strengthening her debuffing abilities and facilitating smoother ability rotations. The notable enhancements in Effect Hit Rate and DoT buffs play a crucial role in bolstering Black Swan’s effectiveness as a DoT-centered debuffer. As a 5-star Light Cone, it boasts outstanding overall stats, solidifying its position as a dependable and potent choice for Black Swan.

Reforged Remembrance Description

Increases the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate by 40%. When the wearer deals DMG to an enemy inflicted with Wind Shear, Burn, Shock, or Bleed, each respectively grants 1 stack of Prophet, stacking up to 4 time(s). In a single battle, only 1 stack of Prophet can be granted for each type of DoT. Every stack of Prophet increases wearer’s ATK by 5% and enables the DoT dealt to ignore 7.2% of the target’s DEF.

Deciding whether to obtain Black Swan’s Signature Light Cone depends on a few key factors. Firstly, consider your current team composition and playstyle. If your team is already well-balanced and strong with good characters and Light Cones, acquiring Black Swan’s Light Cone may not be a top priority.

Honkai Star Rail Black Swan Light Cone Reforged Remembrance
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However, it’s essential to recognize the unique advantages of this Light Cone. Specifically designed to enhance Black Swan’s abilities, it proves particularly beneficial in challenging scenarios like the Simulated Universe Swarm Disaster and Gold and Gears, where enemies pose formidable challenges. Acquiring Reforged Remembrance provides a distinct advantage that can significantly elevate Black Swan’s performance.

Furthermore, when compared to other Light Cone options, Black Swan’s Light Cone stands out. Its buffs and enhancements can enhance her effectiveness in battles, leading to more strategic and potent gameplay. These considerations are vital in helping players determine whether to add Black Swan’s Light Cone to their collection.

Honkai Star Rail Black Swan Light Cone Banner

In version 2.0, the initial Light Cone event debuts Black Swan’s 5-star Signature Light Cone, named “Reforged Remembrance.” Additionally, Imbibitor Lunae’s Signature Light Cone, “Brighter than the Sun,” will make its first-ever return during this event. The banner featuring the Light Cones for both Black Swan and Imbibitor Lunae also offers the following 4-star options:

  • Indelible Promise (Destruction)
  • Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat (Nihility)
  • Dance! Dance! Dance! (Harmony)

Black Swan’s 5-star Signature Light Cone called Reforged Remembrance, brings significant enhancements that greatly improve her overall performance. Without diving into specific details, this Light Cone notably boosts Black Swan’s effectiveness by focusing on improvements to her effect hit rate and Damage over Time (DoT) damage.

Honkai Star Rail Black Swan light cone banner
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Indelible Promise enhances the wearer’s Break Effect by 28%, allowing them to more effectively break through enemy defenses. Additionally, when the wearer activates their Ultimate, their Critical Rate is boosted by 15% for 2 turns, granting increased potential for critical hits and higher damage output during crucial moments.

Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat triggers when the wearer hits an enemy, providing a 60% chance to Ensnare the target if they are not already Ensnared. Ensnared enemies experience a 12% reduction in Defense for 1 turn, making them more vulnerable to subsequent attacks and increasing the overall damage dealt to them.

The Dance! Dance! Dance! activates when the wearer uses their Ultimate, allowing all allies’ actions to be advanced forward by 16%. This grants allies greater speed and initiative in battle, enabling them to act more quickly and decisively, which can be particularly advantageous in fast-paced combat situations.

Specific materials to upgrade the Dr. Ratio Light Cone banner in Honkai Star Rail 2.0

  • Reforged Remembrance Light Cone will need the Dream Collection Component and Borisin Teeth materials
  • Indelible Promise Light cone will need the Artifex’s Module and Seed of Abundance materials
  • Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat Light Cone will need Artifex’s Module and Obsidian of Dread materials
  • Dance! Dance! Dance! Light Cone will need the Artifex’s Module and Harmonic Tune materials

For a smooth and speedy upgrade of Black Swan’s Signature Light Cone, it’s wise to gather all the necessary materials beforehand. This ensures you’re prepared and can level it up without any interruptions, allowing you to use it in battles immediately.

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