SilkRoad Online Auto Staller for Elixers Download


SilkRoad Online Auto Staller for Elixers Download

Works with(out) Sbot

Set your graphics on Default and “Graphic 1” ,brightness normal !

Little comeback ^^
Now i though of making a tool for stalling because i bot with sbot and everytime my characters inventorys full with elixers i need to sell them and thats to much work for me xD.
So here you go, my new auto staller
Awyeah it works again with picture search so you need to have a fitting resolution or else it won’t work. Hope you all like it ^^

What does it do

If you fill up your inventory with elixers then my program will sell all your elixers inside your inventory (its not getting new elixers from storage !)

How is my program coded ?

Some of you already know how but for the ones who doesn’t i will explain here ^^. It searches after pictures on your screen like the stall button, open stall,… so ive made them for my screen resolution (1680*1050) but these pics also work on 1280*1024 so if you got another resolution you need to change every pic in
64bit – Sbot AutoStaller 0.3\Data\Elixers + Towns + Other
how todo so you need or another program that does the same ^^
-example: If you need to change the open stall button you need to take a screenshot from it and then open and paste it in there.
Then cut out the button open stall just like i cut out my pic else it could give problems.
then save it as a png file -> Choose dir -> Bith depth 32-bit then press ok and your done now you need todo this for all the other pics xDxD have fun

if you guys changed all pics for another resultion could you be so kind to send all the pics in a rar to my email adress Awyeah don’t forget to put your resolution in the email ^^ thx

New Version 0.8


-hmmm alot


-Show/Hide (Double click on a client in the list would do the trick ^^)
-Storage usage (Only tried in hotan good luck in the other cities
-Page 3 added (i don’t have a third page yet so you must ! change it urself )
-New Selling system … you will see ^^

DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:SilkRoad Online Auto Staller for Elixers Download

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