Silkroad Online ibot with edxsilkroadloader hilesi download


How to use ibot with edxsilkroadloader (also good loader for normal multiclient).

Silkroad Online ibot with edxsilkroadloader hilesi download

I will make you guys a guide for using Ibot with edxsilkroadloader. I found some non-updated guides for edx an ibot. I’ll explain how to use them.

First you need to download the lastest version of Ibot. The latest version now is v1.0.68. It is compatible with SRO version 1.250.
To download use this link: ibot
scroll down a little and you’ll find the version you need

You also need a loader, this will be the edxsilkroadloader. This loader works and it will not get you banned. I don’t have a link for this loader. U can download this loader here:
The Loader

credits go to ibotforfun for the ibot and pushedx for the loader

Extract both of these files. It doesn’t matter where u put them. For example i have them on my desktop.

How to use ibot with edxsilkroadloader (also good loader for normal multiclient).

Open the edxSilkroadLoader_Beta3 map, then open “edxSilkroadLoader_Lite”.
Silkroad Directories, Division Server(s) and Login Server(s) will be empty. You’ll have to press “add”, go to you silkroad folder and select the “sro_client” file. After that you’ll see what is in the picture.
You can choose on of the login servers.

Press launch and you’ll get this screen.

Only tick Multiclient and Patch Seed. If you to otherwise it may not work.
Press Start and Silkroad will start.

How to use ibot with edxsilkroadloader (also good loader for normal multiclient).

Open the Ibot map and open the iBot_Necessities.
Double click regOCXFiles, and follow the instructions. After that run “vcredist_x86”.
Now return to your ibot map. Open Ibot. It is very easy to use. I don’t think I need to explain how to use ibot.

After ibot is loaded you open the silkroadloader. If u want to play with ibot you must also tick redirect login ip. Make sure the number are and 16000. If these are not the login numbers it won’t work. Look at the picture.

Press Start and Silkroad will start. Open your character and the name, hp, mp and xp will be shown in you iBot window.

Too bad the multiclient doesn’t work anymore !! Don’t try and use it, after 3 hours of waiting till u can login you start with the selected char and silkroad will close. It sucks ^^

new stuff!
the ibot now has a new function. You can still use edxsilkroadloader, but ibot now has (beneath the ‘hide client’ function) a ‘run client’ function. It’ll start silkroad, redirected with ip 16000 so you won’t have to do anything. Just start ibot, press ‘run client’ and silkroad will start. (U cannot open another silkroad with this function.. it is not a multiclient, to have a multiclient you can use the hardmod loader)

I hope this will work. If you have questions, just ask them. Hope you guys have fun.

Currently ibot must still add a new version bcs after the latest update with the new client stuff doesn’t work. You can still log in, but (in my experience) no mobs appear and ibot crashes. So just be patient untill ibot has released its new version.

I’d also like to inform you about a problem i had, after clicking ‘run client’ nothing happened. I came up with the idea not to extract ibot on my desktop but in my SRO folder. Then i looked at page 27 and followed oOCLouDOo ‘s advice. I suggest you do the same. this’ll help everyone who has been having the same problem as I experienced.

Good luck!


DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:Silkroad Online ibot with edxsilkroadloader hilesi download

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