Silkroad Online PK2Tools 5-in-1 Bundle


This release is a package of updated tools I have been working on regarding PK2 files. At this point, I fully understand the PK2 structures so I can easily read and write them. However, as with any complex process, it takes a lot of time and progress to come up with final polished solutions that give people everything they want. This release is a step in that direction. Included are 5 updated tools: Builder.exe, Defragmenter.exe, Editor.exe, Extractor.exe, and Lister.exe. Please refer to the Instructions section for a brief overview and then the Screenshots section to see more specific information.

The highlights of this new code is as follows:
* Updated PK2 reading code to work one directory at a time. This reduces overall memory usage and increases processing speed for quick tasks.

* Fully implemented the PK2 structure. All known fields and logic have been worked out. (* There is one potential thing left for testing, but it’s not a huge concern for now)

* Updated the PK2Extractor to be really simple now. It does include more features than the older VB6 version though, such as being able to extract folders w/ children, see the file size, support multiple blowfish keys, and would show/extract all PK2 entries (there are some bugs in the VB6 version in this regards).

* Added a PK2Builder class for building new Pk2s. Through this logic, the Defragmenter is easily coded as well.

* Updated Defragmenter logic using PK2Builder and PK2Reader. It’s a lot simpler now and easy to follow and use.

* Updated the old PK2Writer code that is dependent on GFXFileManager.dll. While I am working on code to replace this, it is still the primary means for editing Pk2 files without using a DownloadServer.

* Using updated core code for Blowfish and some other shared files in the Common folder.

While I have done quite a bit of testing with this code, I always find various bugs here and there in all my work, so please make backup copies of all your stuff before you use anything in case something goes wrong. While I try to make sure I get serious bugs out of the way, it is possible I might have missed some, but only extensive use of the tools will show that. I don’t have an active dev machine for Windows 7 up yet, so I’ve only been able to test on XP myself so far

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