Silroad Online Synx’s Pk2 Edit


Before make any comment I want to say that my aim wasn’t make a graphic pk2 edit, since I see them useless, I wanted to make a pk2 edit with useful and new features. Underbar is the only exception.
So long since I announced it. But finally it’s done. I’m proud to present us my first public PK2 Edit:

– GM Console

– Filter for Adv. Elixirs in Stall Network

– Info for all the root quests unlocked on the Help window

– Item Mall/Event pop-up removed
– 12 Degree filter in Stall Network (useful only for Adv. Elixirs)
– Chat filter removed
– Anti-invisible/stealth

– Fixed action window and added auto-select

– Deleted [Guide] blue msgs
– Deleted Silkroad logo on the intro
– Unique Spawnmap

– Removed fairy avatar wings and glow

– New in-game intro, Qin-Shi Tomb

– New small sections on the guide for stuff related with the PK2 Edit:


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Marked as safe and working with the iSRO version:


Don’t use this PK2 Edit if you are not running iSRO, or if your iSRO version is under the version said above. This edit doesn’t works on foreign versions of Silkroad nor p-servers.
This edit works with all the bots and the language packs without problems.

Thanks to:
Credits are on the in-game guide, but I will also post them here too:

– Drew Benton
– Nicole
– Perry
– Schickl
– ThorKiller
– lolkop
– Babbe
– jeprne

If you find any bug on the pk2, you have any doubt or find a link that is down, reply to this thread. I also accept POSSIBLE new features for the upcoming versions (I’ll try to keep it up to date with the iSRO updates).

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