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Star defender 3 v1.90.0 apk

Star defender 3 v1.90.0 apk


Have you ever dreamt of leading a space battle, confronting impudent space invaders and saving the Earth? Fight through hoards of aliens in Star Defender 3, a classical space shooter, and defend your native galaxy frontier!

Frantic star wars are ahead of you in this alien shooting game. The Insectus have already prepared for their next wave, with new cunning tricks to shatter you spaceship. Take the lead in the breathtaking star war and become the hero of the universe!

Get ready to blast through 8 huge missions and defeat alien space invaders in the amazing space shooter Star Defender 3. Missiles are just light fun for kids, but here you’ll get mines, lasers, nuclear bombs, piranha, parasitron, lightning, insulator, infector, ball lightning and homing lasers!

If you love alien shooting games and glory of the victory, this fast moving space shooter is for you. Warning! Alien attack! Take the space command and begin the star battle of your life!

Star Defender 3 Features:

– The new one-finger control system
– A wide array of alien spaceships with their own unique weapons
– 8 Large missions with a huge Boss at the end of each space battle
– A bonus system, including Time Freeze, Missile Strike, and Immortality
– Over 100 breathtaking levels
– Unique and truly addictive gameplay



Star defender 3 v1.90.0 apk İNDİR


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