Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Will Have Gotham DLC, Says Leaker

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is finally upon us, launching on January 30, so previews have begun to roll out. They’re far from positive – overwhelmingly negative is more accurate – and Arkham fans are already roasting its cluttered UI. Nevertheless, Rocksteady reportedly has plans for several seasons of updates, including a return to Gotham.



“Is there a season that might make anyone that sees it have to buy it instantly?” @greatestbkfacts asked reputable leaker Miller Ross on Twitter.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League takes place in the Arkham universe, following on from Knight.

“I stress: Season 3,” Ross replied. “That’ll take us through Halloween and Black Friday. Big sales window. Lots of Arkham nostalgia. Cameos. You literally go to Gotham. It’ll be a big moment for the game, post-launch. Then they follow that up with Deathstroke in Season 4. It’s a strong pitch”.

After the credits roll in Arkham Origins, we cut to Slade Wilson working out in his cell. Amanda Waller strolls in with her team and throws a confidential file at him, offering a way out by joining her Suicide Squad. We don’t see where that particular plot thread leads, but Deathstroke did pop up again in Arkham Knight as one of the three main villains alongside Scarecrow and Jason Todd. However, according to Miller, the Origins tease is “finally going somewhere” after 11 years.

While we never saw the aftermath of his meeting with Waller, we do know what happened next. He accepted, joining the Suicide Squad back in Batman’s early days, but he managed to escape, returning to his life as a mercenary. Behind the scenes in Asylum, Todd stops him from taking Joker’s job offer, and the two instead break into Wayne Tower to steal from Bruce Wayne. Todd kept working with Slade up until Knight, using him to train a militia that could take down Batman once and for all.

Where he ended up after Bruce’s identity was revealed to the world amidst his “death” isn’t known, but Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League looks set to finally answer those questions. Granted, if Season 3 is supposed to come out around Halloween and Black Friday, it’ll be a while yet before Season 4 releases.

Miller also revealed in December that Deathstroke will be a playable character, so not only will we untangle the aftermath of Knight more intimately, but we’ll step into his orange-and-black shoes ourselves.


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