The 8 Best Auto Battlers On Android


  • Auto Battlers are a convenient genre for busy gamers, with mobile platforms offering portable gaming options.
  • The Auto Battler genre has a variety of games available on the Google Play Store, ranging from free options to premium ones.
  • Each Auto Battler game mentioned in the article offers unique gameplay mechanics and features, catering to different player preferences.



Auto Battlers are the perfect genre for busy gamers, perhaps like yourself, and a fair amount of mobile developers have caught on to that. While mobile platforms still can’t match the incredible graphical capabilities of a PC’s graphics card, mobile gaming is nonetheless a highly convenient, portable alternative.


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If you have an Android device capable of accessing the Google Play Store, then you’re in luck; you’ll be able to try out the best games the Auto Battler genre has to offer. You could even play in bed, and if you accidentally fall asleep, the battle will go on. Whether that’ll be for better or worse, though, is another story.

Some of these games are completely free, while others range from low to pretty high in price. We’ve included this blend to accommodate whichever kind of mobile gamer you are, so if you don’t mind intermittent ads, or you want premium options, you can pick and choose to your liking.

8 Super Auto Pets

A line of pets with lovely hats looking at a sheep, a salad, and a mushroom.

Cute little animals, near-endless synergies and formations, and multiple game modes; what isn’t there to like about Super Auto Pets? Okay, let’s dial it back a bit to let you form your own opinion, but to be fair, there’s a reason SAP has over a million downloads on the Google Play Store.

As you play, you’ll become acquainted with tons of pets with unique stats, abilities, and synergies and, eventually, figure out your own unique playstyle. Play at your own pace in the asynchronous Arena mode as you try to get ten wins, or test your strategies in the intense, synchronous Versus mode.

7 TFT: Teamfight Tactics

Seven players locked within golden circles wait for their turn to choose a champion.

It would be a disservice to leave out Riot Game’s immensely popular Auto Battler, Teamfight Tactics. With plenty of champions from League of Legends to choose from, custom emotes and arenas, casual and competitive modes, powerful buffs, and item combinations, there’s a lot of content to interact with.

Plus, the game still receives regular updates and has cross-platform play, which is nice if you originally started playing on PC. While many players got into TFT simply because it’s built into the League of Legends client, that’s certainly not a requirement.

6 Auto Chess

A split image of various units on a grey-black checkered board, with one side showing a large, bright, electric shockwave.

If you’re a big fan of Dota 2’s Auto Battler, you’ll probably love Auto Chess. But, even if you’re new to the genre and this is the first Auto Battler you end up trying, the game has pretty good reviews on the Play Store, so that’s a good sign already.


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Auto Chess pits you against seven other players, all drawing heroes from the same card pool, leaving it up to you to pay attention to what your opponents are building, and form your own formations to counter those builds. Plus, the games are fairly short, so you can grind out a match on your break or on public transit.

5 Legends Of Idleon

A split image of a large purple-skinned creature with sharp teeth, and a pixel art character fighting what appears to be potatoes with arms, legs, and faces.

Given the name, you probably inferred that Legends of Idleon has plenty of Idle game mechanics. This is true, but there’s plenty of content to grind for, and you’d be surprised how many people get sucked into this interesting blend of Idle mechanics, automatic combat, and MMO connectivity.

In the beginning, you’ll start with just one character, but as time goes on, you’ll have a bunch of characters, each with their own uses and stats that you can assign to fight mobs, mine, chop trees, go fishing, or whatever you need them to do. The best part is these characters will work 24/7, even if the game is closed.

4 King God Castle

A split image showing blue, copper, steel, and other colored equipment, like spears and armor, and simple combat with blue damage numbers.

Video games can have some funny boss names, and it makes you wonder if King God Castle is just an impromptu name for this game or if it’s hinting at some kind of ultimate being to fight. Since it’s completely free to play, you could find that out for yourself, though.

If you’re still on the fence, King God Castle is all about forming a six-person party, strategically placing each member of that party, and augmenting them with gold and gems from your battles. As you progress, you’ll also be able to call upon righteous powers from your upgraded Altar.

3 Vivid Knight

A split image of brightly colored, animated characters fighting a mostly brown tree monster, and a goldne chest full of shiny, sparkly gems.

Honestly, Vivid Knight is quite pricey for a mobile game, but if you’re willing to pay that premium, you’ll get to explore a Roguelike Adventure game with party management and auto-battling mechanics. Also, this game really likes shiny jewels; are crows intelligent enough to develop games?


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Okay, the jewels actually matter though: as you acquire more in your adventures, they can be used to upgrade the stats of individual party members and matched with other jewels to activate special abilities when you need them the most. Oh, there are plenty of unique items and party members you can get too.

2 Dungeon Village 2

A split image of a four-person party of pixelated adventurers, and an isometric view of a pixelated village.

Dungeon Village 2 is a neat blend of town and party management. As you build more buildings and consequently attract more adventurers to recruit, you can send them off to fight on their own. If all goes well, they’ll come back with new gear and higher levels and allow you to check off another quest.

If you ever get stuck, there’s an incentive to be experimental with in-game mechanics; selling new foods or buying new buildings could attract unique adventurers. Depending on the region you settle in, you’ll see different monsters, some of which can be recruited.


A split image of white symbols representing player items, and various red, orange, white, and blue, oblong shapes on a dark battle screen.

  • Check Out SNKRX on Google Play

Snake… Rex? Snake… Rocks? Snake… well, however, you pronounce SNKRX, this game’s name must be pretty easy to rank high on Google search results. Silly SEO tangents aside, SNKRX is like the original Snake game, but each segment of the snake you’re controlling is made up of different, low resolution heroes.

Each hero attacks automatically, and as you make your snake longer, you can mix and match over 12 classes, 40 passive items, and 40 heroes to get as far in your run as possible. Be prepared to conquer over 25 levels that gradually increase in difficulty.


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