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TLBB: European Open Beta phase is here! Mmo

Over the past few months, gamers throughout Europe have accompanied during the Pre-Closed beta, Closed beta and Limited Open beta stages of one of China’s most successful MMO games ever – TLBB. Players have come across beautiful places such as Assassin’s Peak, Mountain Emei, Royal Temple and the Shaolin Temple whilst experiencing exciting in-game activities such as Lucky Bingo, Thief Raid, Herb Wars and Martial Battles in a world that brings loyal and skillful pets alongside warriors who brave the adventures of these exciting lands.

The TLBB Limited Open Beta phase has now ended and, one of the most recognized MMORPG publishers in Far East Asia, announces the Open Beta test period, launching at 2:00PM (GMT) 1st April, 2010 until 11:00PM (GMT) 30th April, 2010.

Whilst goals remain the same; to provide players with a wonderful and magical martial arts experience, the behind-the-scenes in-game preparations continue to deliver as much excitement in this ongoing MMO journey.

So, to celebrate this special moment and to make sure players have access to the ultimate TLBB experience, there are a number of interesting events taking place, including:

-A Trip to China Event. TLBB give you an opportunity not only to visit China but a possibility to learn Kung Fu from a real Chinese Martial arts master! Yes, that’s right! So why not enter to be in with a chance of this once in a lifetime opportunity that you’ll never forget!
Want To Be a Real Kung Fu Master? Play TLBB Today and Win a Trip to China!

-Treasure hunt. In order to help players get to know each other and the TLBB team during TLBB’s Open beta, the Treasure Hunt activity will be organized solely for the players inside the game. The TLBB team is offering a friendly and classic game of Hide and Seek where players will be guided (live on Twitter) to find a Games Master (GM) inside TLBB. So why not have a chat with the ‘Kung Fu Master Live’ and win a ‘special skills’ book to help improve your loyal pet!

-TLBB Comics Competition. Over the past few months, players have been exploring the martial arts world of TLBB and have had the chance to travel across beautiful environments, experiencing exciting in-game events and enjoying the super mounts on offer whilst fighting the fiercest of enemies with their trusty pets. For all those aspiring comic makers, TLBB is offering an excellent way for players to show off their talents. The winner will be rewarded with an expensive mount, with the ‘Bloody Plate’ fashion garment going to 5 of the best runners-up. Win whilst having fun!

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