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War Gun Beginners Guide and Tips 

War Gun is an outstanding action multiplayer game where the players get to play a 5v5 online multiplayer match. Players can select a set of main guns, melee weapons, and a handgun with them to fight against the enemies. The game brings up tons of in-game features and unique characters who have different sets of abilities. Thus here is a detailed War Gun beginners guide for the amateurs to flourish well from the beginning of their journey. 

Gameplay Overview 

As War Gun is an action multiplayer game, as mentioned below, it follows a 5v5 gameplay format where the players get matched with more than 4 random players. All 10 players spawn and the match directly starts without any preparatory time. Players get to choose their set of primary Guns, melee weapons, and handguns from the Lobby.

After the match starts, the first team to score 20 kills wins the match. Every player gets a chance to respawn once they die. If they die twice, players can then spectate the other teammates. Claiming a victory helps the players gain EXP points and in-game resources that help them progress faster in the game. 

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The game also comes up with a variety of guns and amazing characters who have different skills and abilities as well. Currently, the game does not have more game modes apart from the main one. The game follows a distinct rating system for the players to know where they belong over various regions. The game has only two major in-game resources, Gold and Silver. Players can use them to unlock Guns and Characters in the game. Players can also unlock some of the Characters by leveling up their profiles. 

Introducing the Basics of War Gun 


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The lobby is the main section of the game. From here, players can get access to all the other in-game features and utilize them for the betterment. The main game mode is also accessed from here. Players can see a Battle option at the bottom right corner, where they can directly go to the main game mode and enjoy the impressive 5v5 Team deathmatch format battle. 


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Loadout has so many sub-features in it. Players get to set their entire system of Guns and Melee weapons over this section. Players can even select their characters from here only. To gain access to all the other characters and guns in the game, players need to have Premium Tokens, Gold, and Silver with them to buy all the exclusive characters and guns. Players can also upgrade them by following easy steps: 

Upgrading Guns

  • Go to the Loadout section and tap on the type of weapon you want to upgrade. 
  • Select the particular Weapon under that for upgrading. 
  • Tap on the upgrade button present at the bottom left corner of the page. 
  • After this, players will see several options such as muzzle, and magazine, and upgrade them accordingly. 
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Upgrading Characters

  • Go to the Loadout section and then go under the characters section. 
  • Tap on the Upgrade button at the bottom left corner.
  • Then, select the stats and upgrade them with the help of in-game resources. 


Clan is the section where players can join or create an allied force together with their online or IRL friends. This helps the players to join hands together and complete several missions or play matches together. 


Rating is the section where players can check their ranking over various segments such as: 

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  • All Countries 
  • Country
  • Region
  • Friends 

Players can rank up as per the EXP points and tokens they have earned by playing and claiming more victory over the main game mode. 

Awards and Tasks 

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The Awards and Tasks section is the section where players get to witness 3 assigned tasks. Players need to complete them beforehand or else the assigned tasks might get refreshed again. After finishing a task, a new task will be assigned after a fixed interval of time and hence players can complete that task and claim the rewards. 


The shop section helps the players to go for IAPs through the game. Players can easily buy in-game resources and use them later for buying, upgrading, and unlocking several assets over the game. 

War Gun Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks 

1. Learn to Aim precisely 

Players need to practice and aim properly toward their opponents. This will help them to kill more and more enemies and thus players can easily go towards the path of victory. This will help the players to gather more kills and become the MVP of the match along with claiming the victory. Claiming a victory along with an MVP tag will lead the players to earn more in-game resources in the game. 

2. Keep upgrading your Loadout 

Players need to save up their in-game resources and buy out strong weapons for their loadout. Buying strong weapons will help the players to upgrade their loadout a lot. Players will have weapons with high damage and thus they can easily take down their opponents in just no time. Players also need to upgrade their strongest weapons to make them stronger. 

3. Unlock more Characters 

The characters in the game have a variety of strong and unique abilities. Thus players need to save up the in-game resources like Premium Tokens, Gold, and Silver to unlock more strong characters. Players can also get access to characters by leveling up their profiles. So follow this tip and unlock more characters to become a great player. 

4. Complete your Tasks 

Completing the tasks will help the players to earn amazing in-game rewards and resources. This will help them to utilize them in several aspects such as buying, upgrading, and unlocking assets such as Guns, Melee Weapons, Handguns, Characters, and many more. So complete the tasks beforehand and enjoy unlocking new items. 

5. Do not waste money on IAPs

As a beginner, players should not waste their real-time hard-earned money on the game. In the beginning, players need to figure out the game and save up the in-game resources they earn by playing the matches. Later, if they find the game to be much more interesting and pursue something through it, then it is all up to the player’s choice. 

Final Thoughts 

War Gun is thus by far a great game to kill time and enjoy for a short span of time. The game has less, yet interesting in-game features like guns and characters which might interest some of the players in the game. Thus follow our detailed War Gun beginners guide and go through the tips to rise like a real phoenix in the leaderboard.

That’s all from us for War Gun Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our War Gun Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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