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War Gun Soldiers Tier List for November 2023

Characters play a very vital role in an action multiplayer game like War Gun. The unique abilities, physical strengths, and stamina of every character make the newcomers think a lot before choosing the best character in the game. As there are so many options for Soldiers, here is our detailed War Gun Soldiers Tier List for all the amateurs to know the ranking alongside the best three Soldiers they will witness in the game. 

War Gun Soldiers Tier List for November 2023

The Soldiers are categorized on the basis of three Tiers of: S, A, and B.

Tier Soldier
Strong (S) Yuki, 
Good (A) Predator,
David Nelson, 
Fair (B) Cody,

1. Yuki

Image via XDEVS LTD

Yuki is undoubtedly the best soldier in the world of War Gun. the character has the highest possible Health points of about 2282 and comes up with an Armor of 1462.65. Yuki is also the fastest character in the game with an overall Speed of approximately 600 along with a Stamina of 10 units which makes this character the most agile. 

2. Arnold 

Image via XDEVS LTD

Following up the sequence, we have Arnold, a real soldier over the land of Guns and hence comes at the 2nd spot in the game. The character has a Health of about 2000 units alongside Armor with around 1100 units. Arnold has a great Speed of about 560 units with a Stamina of 9 which proves how great Arnold is as per its agility. 

3. Jess 

Image via XDEVS LTD

The third-best soldier in War Gun, Jess is a great assassin and mysterious character in the world of this new game and the following stats prove why this is one of the best characters of all. Jess has a Health point of about 1663 units with an Armor of around 999 units. This character is also quite fast and the Speed stats that stand with a point of 550 proves it directly. Jess also has great Stamina of about 9 units and hence has great agility. 

Final Thoughts 

The wide range of characters in the game provides a vast option to all newcomers. Thus through our detailed War Gun Soldiers tier list piece, beginners can easily understand the best players in the game. So, save your resources and unlock the best soldiers in the game to be the best ones over the entire globe.

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