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Warface Hile Multihack Wallhack Aimbot Esp Güncel Multihack 22.05.17

Warface Hile Multihack Wallhack Aimbot Esp Güncel Multihack 22.05.17

Merhaba arkadaslar ruslar tarafından geliştirilmişolan bir hile botudur.

kullanmadan önce virüs taraması yapınız ve onda sonra kullanınız.

The Weapon tab:
The tab contains functions that improve the characteristics of your weapon

Anti – Recoil / NoRecoil – This function completely removes the recoil from your weapon.
Anti-Spread / NoSpread – This function completely removes the scatter of your weapon.
Anti-Sleak Cameras / No Sway – This function removes the camera’s wiggle while aiming.
Increased Damage / Damage + – A test function designed to increase the damage of your weapon.

The Player / Player tab:
The tab contains functions that improve the capabilities of your character

Long Slide – This function increases the maximum length of the drawer.
Solo Climb – This function allows you to interlace the jigsaw without the help of other players.
Light Shoes – The function simulates the presence of light shoes.
Blink suppression / No Flash – This function suppresses the effect of a light-noise grenade.

ESP / ESP tab:
The tab contains a function that allows you to see opponents through walls

Circle in Box / Box 2D – Draws the opponent square.
Lines / Lines – Draws lines from the center of the screen to the opponent.
Distance / Distance – The function shows the distance from you to the opponent.
Silhouettes – Draws silhouettes of enemies, similar to the fact that the game draws for the allies.
Highlight the enemy with the bomb / Highlight bobm Carrier – Illuminates the enemy with a bomb (Explosion).
Information about the bomb / Bomb Info – Shows the information about the bomb (Status, Place of the bookmark).
Highlight case with a case. Highlight case. Carrier – Highlights the opponent with a case (Capture).
Case Information – Displays information about the case (Status).

The Aim Bot tab:
The functions in this tab allow you to shoot incredibly accurately

Aim Type – Allows you to select the Aim Bot mode (Vector / Fast).
Assist Mode – A kind of assistant in the aiming, available only in the Vector mode of work Aim Botha
Aim Target – Select the part of the body that Aim Bot will aim at.
Aim Key – Selects the activation button for Aim Bot.
Aim Priority – Selects the priority for the Aim Bot selection.
Correction of the Z axis / Correct Z Axis – Correction of Aim Botha.
Aim FoV – Set the angle of view within which Aim Boat will see the target.
Distance Limit – The distance from you to the enemy on which Aim Bot will be triggered.
Automatic Shoot / Auto Shoot – Automatic shot when Aim Bot’s triggered.

Other tab:
The tab contains additional functionality of the reader

Trigger Bot – Automatic shot when the enemy hits the crosshairs of the sight.
Teleport to Point – Teleport to the point you previously saved.
Hide NickName – Visually hides your nickname for video recording.
Hide Friends nickname – similar to the previous function.
Teleport to KA-50 / Teleport to KA-50 – The function allows you to teleport to a KA-50 helicopter.
Magnet / Magnet – attracts opponents to you. Attacked opponents can only be killed with a knife!

Bytes / Bytes: (En ONLY)
The tab contains functions for changing weapons

Options tab:

Instructions for launching the reader:

Instructions for launching the reader:

1 download archive with cheat and unzip
2 start the cheat, the form of the reader will appear
3 Start the game warface
4 in the game will appear the menu of the chit after the game is loaded completely
5 turn on the necessary functions and play! The game is better to run in windowed mode

The second way to launch a reader

1 start the game in the window mode
2 When the game starts completely, start the cheat
3 cheat will enter the game in 7 seconds and the menu will appear

Close the read menu with the insert or Home button

Download Cheat Gold Engine [Fast Aym. magnet. Credit weapon. Esp. Accuracy] for Warface


Warface Hile Multihack Wallhack Aimbot Esp Güncel Multihack 22.05.17 İNDİR

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