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Warrior Epic: Battlegrounds launched

True Games, an international publisher of multi-player online games today announced that it has officially launched Warrior Epic: Battlegrounds, the game’s first expansion, with a multitude of all-new content. The expansion includes brand new PVP gameplay, an all-new HUB City, a New Region (Trogken Swamps), dozens of new items and much more.

“It’s an exciting time for Warrior Epic with the recent launch of the new iPhone application, Warrior Epic Sagas and now with the launch of Warrior Epic: Battlegrounds; we are elated give our community all of these new experiences,” said Peter Cesario, Director of New Business and Product Development at True Games. “Warrior Epic: Battlegrounds contains so much new content, and brand-new Co-Op PVP gameplay, we are practically giving our players a brand new game!”

Warrior Epic: Battlegrounds is now live and current and new players are invited to check out the new features. Some of the key features players can expect to find in the new expansion include:

. ALL NEW PVP GAMEPLAY–Warrior Epic now offers four all-new objective-based PVP enabled maps for players to battle- Welkin Warrens (a mountainous underground), Ruins of Aberas (a fierce jungle), Faustus Estate (the mysterious mansion) and the newest addition:
Trogken Swamps.

. NEW HUB CITY GIVES THE COMMUNITY A PLACE TO SOCIALIZE-Warrior Epic now offers a true central HUB for players to meet and form groups and guilds, while also showing off their dance skills and cool gear earned from quests.

. ALL-NEW SWAMP REGION-The grand region known as the Trogken Swamps is an all-new environment, and like the other regions in the game will now offer full PVP gameplay. With over 50 new quests, monsters and items you can acquire, players can spend a great deal of time adventuring through the deadly marshes.

. DOZENS OF NEW PVP ITEMS-During PVP matches, players can earn currency for purchasing all new items and upgrades to reinforce their base, summon boss monsters and spirits against the opposing team, and many more!


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