Where To Watch Every Season Of The Pokemon Anime

When searching for a new show to watch or recommending one to a friend, it’s usually as simple as opening up or pointing them to the right streaming service. Want to watch The Boys? It’s on Amazon Prime. Still got someone in your life who hasn’t seen Breaking Bad? Get on Netflix. Pretty simple, but not when it comes to Pokemon. There are 25 seasons of Pokemon available to stream, so plenty to rewatch or catch up on. The only problem is, they’re not all in one place.



Not even close. Pokemon’s 25 seasons – plus spinoff shows and movies – are spread across multiple streaming services, meaning you’ll need multiple subscriptions if you wanna watch ’em all. Now that the Pokemon TV app is shutting down, which carried a lot of the shows and movies for free, it makes this process even trickier. Just to throw in another curve(Poke)ball, the services on which certain seasons are available differ depending on where you are in the world. For the sake of keeping it simple, although I feel that ship has long sailed, the order below and directions on where to watch each season are for viewers living in the US.



Season 1: The Beginning


Season 2: The Beginning

Amazon Prime (via $3 add-on)

Seasons 3 – 5: Gold & Silver

Amazon Prime

Seasons 6 – 9: Ruby & Sapphire

Amazon Prime and Freevee

Seasons 10 – 12: Diamond & Pearl

Amazon Prime (via $3 add-on) and Hoopla

Season 13: Diamond & Pearl

Amazon Prime (via $3 add-on)

Seasons 14 – 16: Black & White

Amazon Prime (via $3 add-on) and Tubi

Seasons 17 – 19: XY

Amazon Prime and Hulu

Seasons 20 – 22: Sun & Moon

Amazon Prime (via $3 add-on) and Roku

Seasons 23 – 25: Journeys


Paldean Wings


Hisuian Snow


Twilight Wings


Pokemon Evolutions


Pokemon Generations




Pokemon Concierge



ash holding a pokeball in the pokemon anime
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Netflix is the first port of call for most people when it comes to streaming, boasting more subscribers than any other platform on the planet, at least for the time being. It’s also where you’ll need to start, and end, your Pokemon anime journey. The very first season of the show, complete with its iconic opening theme, is available for all subscribers on Netflix.


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If you’re trying to watch the show in chronological order, this is where things get a little confusing for the first of many times. After finishing season one, if you insist on sticking with Netflix, you’ll be thrust forward to season 23. It and the two seasons after, bringing you as up-to-date as a streaming service can do in the US for now, are also on Netflix. Plus the added bonus of the stop-motion delight that is Pokemon Concierge which now has its own merch line.

Amazon Prime

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If you’re lucky enough to be an Amazon Prime subscriber, congratulations! This is the platform on which you will be able to watch all 21 seasons of the Pokemon anime you won’t find on Netflix, from season two all the way through to season 22. Oh, not so complicated after all, except there’s a catch. Amazon’s Pokemon content has been split into two categories – content that’s available for all subscribers and content that needs an additional monthly payment of $3 for its Pokemon add-on, and how it has been split doesn’t make much sense.

Having finished with season one on Netflix, I’m assuming you’ll want to move on to season two. Not only will you need Prime to make that happen, but you’ll have to be signed up to an Amazon Prime Pokemon channel add-on. Season two is locked behind that barrier, as are seasons 10 through 16 from the Diamond & Pearl and Black & White eras of the show. However, seasons three through nine are on the regular version of Prime, as are seasons 17, 18, and 19. Oh, and you’ll need to head back to the additional Pokemon channel for seasons 20 to 22.

Roku, Tubi, Freevee, And Hulu

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There’s good news and bad news for those of you who don’t want to sign up for Amazon Prime’s additional content or don’t fancy hopping back and forth between it and your regular Prime viewing. Some of the seasons on Amazon are also available on other subscription services, perhaps saving you a headache if you’re already signed up for any of them. Roku, Tubi, Freevee, and Hulu each have a little slice of the Pokemon anime that they share custody of with Amazon, each of which is detailed below.


hisuian zorua in pokemon hisuian snow
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Yes, even though that covers every season of the Pokemon anime (some of them more than once) there’s still more. Pokemon has also released a few spinoffs. The good news is there’s no particular order you need to watch them in, and all of them are available to watch for free on YouTube. If you’re done with the regular run of the anime and you still want more, or you’ve read this and still don’t fancy navigating those waters, just pick one of the shows below and watch it on YouTube in whatever order you like.

  • Paldean Winds
  • Hisuian Snow
  • Twilight Wings
  • Pokemon Evolutions
  • Pokemon Generations
  • Poketoon

The Movies

brock ash and misty in mewtwo strikes back
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Trying to watch the Pokemon movies in order might be even harder than navigating the show, simply because not all of the 24 films released so far are readily available on streaming services. Surprisingly, 16 of them can be found on Hoopla. The first three and then movies eight through 20, starting with Lucario and the Mystery of Mew through to Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. The two newest movies, along with Detective Pikachu, are on Netflix, but you’ll have to buy or rent the others wherever you happen to find them.


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