Whiteout Survival: The Complete Alliance Guide and Tips

Creating or Joining an Alliance is one of the great tasks players must do in a strategy game like Whiteout Survival. There are so many interesting features in the Alliance section of this particular game. Thus, as beginners, players need to know why they need to join or create an Alliance. Let us go through a detailed Whiteout Survival Alliance Guide for all the newcomers and let them learn why it is important. 

Joining or Creating an Alliance in Whiteout Survival

Joining or Creating an Alliance is one of the most important aspects players need to know. Firstly let us know how to join or create an Alliance. At first, players need to upgrade their Furnace to Level 7 and then only they will get access to the Alliance section. After this, follow these easy steps to join or create an Alliance:

  • Tap the Alliance option present at the bottom of the main game screen.
  • After tapping it, players will get to see 2 options; Create or Join an Alliance
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How to Create an Alliance in Whiteout Survival

  • If the players tap on the Create option, give a name to your Alliance, Choose a banner, select a Language, and write down a short description
  • If players are below Furnace Level 10, then it will cost 400 Gems to create an Alliance. If the players are at Furnace Level 10 or above, it will be free of cost.

How to Join an Alliance in Whiteout Survival

  • If the player taps on the Join option, then the player will see a screen with having list of several Alliance under its server.
  • Players must check the Language set by the Leader of all the Alliance and then join. 
  • Check for a higher Level of Alliance, as players can get more rewards daily

Whiteout Survival Alliance: List of terminologies

Alliance Member

The Alliance Member page shows all the members present in the Alliance where the players have joined. Players can get to know about several rankings that are being done for all the members. Every ranking has a different set of power in the game.

The ranking system starts from R1, which is the bottommost rank, and goes to R5. The R5 rank is for the player who is the Leader or Creator of the Alliance. As per the ranking system, players get access to all the other sections present under the Alliance. So rank up yourself and become the ultimate Leader to control an entire Alliance single-handedly. 

Alliance Territories 

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This section helps the players to enjoy great benefits from all the conquered land of the Alliance they have joined. Players can use that Territory to construct Buildings like Alliance Headquarters. Other buildings like Hunting Trap, Champion Silver Statue, Competitor, and Foundry Rewards can be built too. Players can collect so many amazing rewards and improvise their army by constructing these buildings over their Territory. 

Chests and Rewards 

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The Alliance section also comes up with an Alliance Chest and Rewards section. This section brings daily rewards and gifts for all the members based on their activity in the Alliance. Players get amazing rewards such as Loot Chests, Honer Keys, and Honor Chests. Each of these resources lets the players earn amazing rewards like in-game resources, speedups, and other items like iron and wood. 

Tech Contribution 

The Alliance Tech Contribution section helps the players to contribute resources and gems to other members. This helps the players to earn Alliance Tokens. This section also has three sub-sections; Growth, Territory, and Battle. The interesting part is, that to get access to all the other sections on this page, players need to have a particular rank. So, increase your ranking and get access to all other sub-parts. 


Players get to see an Alliance Shop that allows players to buy resources. Players can use their Alliance Tokens and buy resources like Territory Teleporters, Speedups, Hero Shards, Chief Rename Cards, City Shields, and other essential resources. 


Players get an Alliance Help segment as well. From here, players can either Help or Request Help from other members of the Alliance. Players can help in upgrading buildings or any research purposes. This helps the players to build strong communication with other members.

Final Thoughts 

Whiteout Survival is an outstanding strategy game for players but sometimes teamwork is also important in this type of game. The Alliance section brings up so many essential features and benefits for the players that every newcomer must know and learn about them. Thus follow our detailed Whiteout Survival Alliance Guide and take full advantage of this section without any hurdle.

Do you find our Whiteout Survival Alliance Guide useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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