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Wolion 3D Resource Pack 1.8.1/1.8.3

Wolion 3D Resource Pack 1.8.1/1.8.3

Wolion 3D Resource Pack 3D Glass Blocks and 3D Glass Panes: no more dispappearing edges for glass blocks. Due to a Minecraft bug in 1.8.3 the colored glass panes don’t show the correct 3D model, instead the old 2D version is used by Minecraft, this is for all colored panes which crossed other panes. The normal glass pane is fine.

Updates of Wolion 3D Resource Pack

– Cake and Bacon, eh Beacon

– Trapdoors and brewing stand


1. Download the Resource Pack.
2. be sure in which folder you downloaded the zip file (on windows vista and above it is normally “Downloads”), on Mac it will be the similar i think
3. start minecraft
4. click on “options”
5. click on “resource packs…”
6. click on “Open resource pack folder”, a new windows opens, named “resourcepacks”
7. copy per drag’n drop the from your Download Folder into the recently opened windows “resourcepacks”
8. click the “done” button in minecraft, because minecraft has to reload the resource pack folder
9. again click on “Resource packs…”, now you should see the “”
10. hover over the icon and click the arrow, now moves from “Available Resource Packs” to the “Selected Resource Packs” column.
11. press “Done” and have fun!!!

Thank’s to : WolionGames for making this awesome resource pack

[128x] [1.7.10] Download Wolion 3D Resource Pack

[128x] [1.8] Download Wolion 3D Resource Pack


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