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WoW Cataclysm Sandbox Download

Alles gute Err0r!!

Disclaimer: Yes im a german but i writet this guide in english so more people can enjoy it and to clear things up: this is not my work. i just rewrote the text.

Hello together,
the alpha client got leaked and i want to show everyone how we can get it and enjoy parts of the new addon in a sandbox.

There are two different methods for installing the alpha client. I will explain both detailed.

Method 1

This Method include loading the full client. If you want to upgrade a WoW 3.3.3 folder to a alpha client skip this part.

1. Install a torrent program of your choice and download this torrent:…CLUDED.torrent

2. Open the torrent with the torrent program of your choice and start downloading the 14.1 gb sized folder.

3. Now we have to download the sandbox: MEGAUPLOAD – The leading online storage and file delivery service

4. Start the sandbox and run the wow.exe from the alpha download. If both are succesfully startet you can log in (name and password doesnt matter).

Method 2

As written above we will upgrade a common WoW folder to an alpha client. I would advice to copy your WoW folder because after the transformation you cant use it to play on retail again

1. Again we have to download a torrent and open it with a torrent program of our choice:…CLUDED.torrent

2. For this method we wont need everything included in this torrent. So untick everything except “Data/enUS”. If everything is ticked right the download size should be 2 gb.

3. Download Notice that this program can be shown as a trojan because it will convert a .bin to a .exe file. Move the program the your copyed WoW retail client and run it.

4. If the download is ready you have to move the downloaded Data folder into your modified retail client.

5. Download the cataclysm torrent and open it with your torrent program. Here we have to tick all three files.

6. Run the from step 5 downloaded cataclysm installer and wait till cataclysm is installed.

7. For the last step just follow method 1 from beginning of step 3

DOWNLOAD:WoW Cataclysm Sandbox Download


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